Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Physical risks are physical procedures that happen normally in the earth. These incorporate cataclysmic event occasions, for example, seismic tremors, tornadoes, volcanoes, snow squalls, avalanches, and dry seasons. Not every single physical danger are discrete occasions - some are continuous, similar to bright radiation. UV radiation is viewed as a danger since it harms DNA and can cause human medical problems like skin tumor and waterfalls


Synthetic dangers can be both characteristic and human-made chemicals in nature. Human-influenced concoction risks to incorporate a significant number of the engineered chemicals we deliver, similar to disinfectants, pesticides and plastics. Some compound risks happen normally in the earth, similar to the substantial metals lead and mercury. A few life forms even create common chemicals that are a natural peril, for example, the mixes in peanuts and dairy that reason unfavorably susceptible responses in people.

Natural dangers originate from biological connections between creatures. Infections, bacterial contaminations, jungle fever, and tuberculosis are largely cases of organic dangers. At the point when these pathogens and ailments are exchanged between life forms, it's called an irresistible illness. We experience the ill effects of these ailments and pathogens since we're being parasitized by another living being, which, while perilous, is additionally a characteristic procedure.

Social perils, otherwise called social risks, result from your area, financial status, occupation, and behavioral decisions. For instance, smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your wellbeing, and this is a behavioral decision. In the event that you live in an area with loads of wrongdoing, this is a danger in view of your area. So also, your eating routine, practice propensities, and essential method of transportation all impact your wellbeing and the soundness of the earth around you.This is the branch of epidemiology which is dealing with the discovery of the environmental exposures that protect against injuries, illnesses, disabilities, and identification of public health and health care actions to prevent the risks associated with harmful exposures.  Using an epidemiologic approach, we can handle population-based researchthat integrate state-of art exposure and outcome estimate to evaluate the act of the environment in disease, disability, and other health problems and to develop technique  for disease prevention and control.


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